Libya living in the past but moving toward the 21st century!

When cultures that are outside of Libya look at our country, especially U.S., they don’t see the true struggles that Libyans experience everyday of their lives.  The average U.S. citizen couldn’t even imagine having to scrounge for food to survive on a day to day basis.  The reports that we hear from America about a  recession or depression are a laugh.  They have a net that catches their people when they don’t make enough money.  They call it unemployment benefits.  Here in Libya, you don’t work, you don’t eat.


Libya is making inroads to stabilizing their economy and actually taking advantage of the recession that has rocked the rest of the world, but has left Libya in place where growth can occur.  Our dollar value has allowed us to put our labor force to work again and will continue to grow strong!

Libya News for the 21st Century

Libya is moving faster and faster into the 21st century! The sad part of the story is that United States is still behind the pace.  We had two of our reporters who were doing a piece in Houston, Texas.  The facilities where our reporters were housed lost their ac.  Luckily they were able to get ac repair Houston.

Then it got scary.  Our two reporters were taken into custody by the local police.  They were told that they were wanted for abandoning the scene of a crime.  We then had to find someone who did bail bonds in Houston.

They got our boy out fast and they were ready to come home!